Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More painting experiments

Tried to be a little more complex with this painting. Looks overworked and hooboy did the colour ever suck so the greyscale is as far as this one goes. I find it hard to add colour to the painting after the fact when there's more deliberate shapes that need defining. Also I added a texture to it that I am deeply in love with but it obfuscated the painting too much. It's the burnt bottom of my old cookie sheet and it gave the painting a real.... cracked oil feel but I couldn't find a balance where it maintained the look and feel of the cookie sheet and still allowed for any of the image to be shown without it going way too dark.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Another upbeat, lively image!

Much more successful "water" in this one than the previous one where it doesn't come across at all. And definitely a ton more than the other one which was so bad it didn't even get posted. Progress! I tried something very different with the approach to this painting since the entire greyscale (except the hair) was done on one layer. it was interesting trying to retroactively paint the vague BG elements behind her. I think that added to the more "painterly" way it looks since none of the elements are separate and they can accidentally interact with each other in interesting ways.