Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A little furious with Myself

OK... so here's the situation. I am WAY stressed out right now. And I took on the 11 seconds with less than 2 weeks to take it more or less from design to "finished." I had to miss a very important meeting today to try and fix some of the plethora of problems with it in the hopes of submitting it. I'm sitting here, it's 9:51 leaving me with a couple hours to get this posted without worry.

Or so I thought until I realized that the midnight submission time is Midnight *EASTERN* time.

So I am posting this god damn animation here. I am not happy with it but this is my way of throwing it violently against the digital wall and going "THERE."

Monday, September 21, 2009

draw draw draw...

Some doodles while I'm procrastinating from finishing the 11 second challenge. I have to try and git'er done in 2 weeks since I had a bumpy start to September. I'm happy with it so far though so I might take some extra time come October to polish it off.

BTW the Blogfolio has been updated with my new work. I can't put the demo reel online because of copyright reasons unfortunately =PPP