Thursday, May 31, 2007

"speed" painting

Originally it was done in under 60 minutes but then I noodled and doodled it for another hour and a half. Not sure if I like it with or without the little man. I'm kind of happy that this area is slightly less oppressive than usual. Watched Laputa on the weekend and I have it in my head that I'm going to take another run soonish at a happycloud speedpainting.

**EDIT** I forgot my favorite trick! It does... something different than expected. Adding scanned textures behinds takes away from of the telltale photoshop brushiness and makes everything murkier... normally more of the texture comes through but I guess it works better on less rendered stuff. Live and learn.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Back for more Life Drawing

AWESOME model. OK drawings... frustrating... you know when you have a really good model and you say "Yeah! Ok this is going to be a GREAT DRAWING!" and you sit there trying to make a GREAT DRAWING and fail miserably? Grr... I quite like some of the gesturals though. Especially the "vampire recoiling from the sunlight" pose

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Dracula Challenge revisitted

OK..... so... I haven't explained this on this blog yet but here's a brief synopsis. For at least 6 years I have been TRYING very hard to capture Dracula. I find it very hard to draw him because I have a lot of Dracula baggage. I to this day in my closet have a tiny Dracula cape that my Auntie made for me when I was 6. The Dracula I want to draw has to encapsulate 26 years of Dracula fanaticism. Which is, I believe, impossible. It did occur to me that the Diabolical marker doodle below comes very close to an ideal personal dracula. Problem is that's a graphic, not a character. So this is my latest attempt at Dracula... again I kind of like the line version because the eyes look cool there but this MUST be a colour design or I will not be happy with myself. Regarding this design he's a little too young. I was considering a moustache, like in the original text, but I HATED that when I was a kid so I don't want to betray that. Even though now I don't mind so much. I guess this will remain the pseudo Udo Keir Dracula.... heh... Pseudo Udo.....

Friday, May 4, 2007

devils and cute old men

Been toying around a lot lately... I tried a speed painting of a full colour layout but... I find it really hard to do anything fully rendered when I'm not basically working out of black and selectively highlighting. The two devils, Old Scratch and the eviller looking one were @ work lunchtime marker doodles. I think the straight up black version of the texturey one was better than the colour but... oh well.

And I'm putting up this drawing of a cute old man who hands out papers because he's the most adorable human being I've ever seen. The drawing really doesn't do him justice.