Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Well here I am blogging on Christmas Eve. First time I've been at a computer in some time and I'm having difficulty responding to and sending email so if you've mailed me in the last week it'll be a bit getting back =)

Anyways if I may be permitted a little nostalgic moment I'd like to share something with y'all that means a lot to me. Back when I was a kid Eaton's department stores in Winnipeg used to host a wonderful little Dickensian village set with with fairy tale displays in the windows. I haven't seen these things in years since Eaton's department stores were closed and in the later years the figures and sets had fallen into disrepair. But this year I learned that the Manitoba Children's Museum had erected the old set and it had been repaired. Looking into those old windows that used to be so much taller than I used to be was a real treat. All these figures and sets were hand made by people who apparently used to work for Eaton's. They're slightly crude, but look at them! All hand made little wonderful things! Here's a picture or two from Winnipeg and from the old village sets. Bring a tear to me old eye they do.

Everybody have a Merry Christmas, a wonderful holiday and a fabulous New Year!



Ramez said...

Thats a nice gift of nostalgia.
Happy holidays to you as well (lucky that you got some snow).

Tealin said...

Wow, those displays are really charming and well-crafted, especially for having been created by more-or-less amateurs. How many did they have preserved?

Very cool to get a glimpse of Ye Olde Winnipeg. I don't think the temperature comes through in the photo though. :)

My word verification is 'surratic' ... sounds like it should be a real word, like erratically surreptitious... *preserves for freestyle Scrabble*

Skid said...

jesus we have the same amount of snow...if not more. at least its not freezing your nipples off here like it is there.

elephantmarchblog said...

Yep, no shortage of snow all around! It was freezing when I got to Cranbrook, but it's warmed up significantly in the last week.

Almost got as warm as -10 degrees!!!

Sorry, I'm sure the -30 I've been getting probably has nothing on what Winnipegs gotten. And yes, gorgeous photos, my friend. I forgot to bring the #%*@ battery charger for mine.

Happy Holidays.


Chris Muzyka said...

Dude, I totally remember those Eaton's Christmas walk-thru set pieces. My mom worked at Eatons in Saskatoon for years before they went tits-up. That was a staple memory in my childhood. Didn't know they did at other Eaton's store across the country. Cool. Happy New Year.