Monday, October 22, 2007

More Hallowe'ening

She hasn't warmed up to him yet but sooner or later, she'll be hooked. Funny guy over here. I remember hearing about a scene in La Boheme where a character serenades his coat. I thought that was a really cool idea so, based on that line of thought, this is a vampire serenading a meathook. Also included are some more terrible and grainy photos from the Haunted Trolley Tour. Good times all in all. You can sort of see the ghost effect in the stone window scene. it's not that clear but the face of a ghostly bearded man appears behind the bars.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

He like's 'em little, he like's 'em big, part in the middle or a wig...

One of my favorite Hallowe'en icons that I've never drawn because I'm terrible at drawing horses. Proud of the way this one turned out though. I might continue tweaking the colours because it's a little busier than I wanted it to be.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Something Wicked This Way Comes

So I'm reading the Avalanche Studio art blog, drooling slightly, and notice their new topic is "A Woggle of Witches" and I think to myself "Yay! Witches!"

October is so BUSY!!!

Well I am sick as a dog (that is also sick). But no time to rest because October is traditionally the month I am not allowed to sleep well. Ben and I are working on a haunted gallery for the Haunted Trolley Tour. So my weekend was spent making skulls. Don't get me wrong, that is possibly my favorite thing in the whole wide world, however doing it on very little sleep while slightly hung over and with a cold ain't the best place to be. So today when I got back from skull making I stayed in and watched 8 hours of Tales from the Crypt. Delightful evening. So anyhoo, here's two terrible phone-photos of a skull I made the other night (This one had more effort put into it than your average skull) and of the stone wall Sarah helped carve and paint. Oh and big thanks to Keith for helping out with the latexing and aging on Saturday! You're a trooper!