Monday, December 1, 2008

Kids, girls, fish and monsters.

Bunch of stuff. More exciting things probably next week.

So... coalition government, eh? I can't decide if that's going to be stupider and less productive than a conservative minority. Probably. Making a deal with the Bloc never turns out well for anybody. The NDP on the other hand... Well it'll be an exciting new year in politics


yums said...

Economical and political instability! Yay!

Lovely drawings by the way :)

Word verification is "frapili" today.

Michael Gushulak said...

I think the children and creatures in your latest batch of drawings would make a better government.

Tealin said...


Your girls are showing much improvement! And I really like the monster pics (especially the one that's gotten shot by the suction arrow). Yay updates!

My word verification is 'sewlerin' ... is that Elvish?

Ramez said...

That shrug is full of life sir.
I have no witty remark regarding the economy or politics either.
What a pity

word verification: expingu... Sounds like a pokemon

Meg Shaw said...

nice drawings. I really like that monster who got shot.

word verification: renista

Anonymous said...

"Demoises" is the word verification - that's like a type of flower that demons enjoy.

I'm more a fan of Liberal, NDP, and Green Party - mostly because they seem to have environmental platforms.

Also, the conservatives brought gay marriage back into discussion after it was legalized in Canada. I don't like that, because gay marriage is OK.


Monika said...

The kid hugging the fish is way adorable!