Sunday, January 8, 2012


I would like to put that in a sick, wibbly wobbly font but I can't. So anyways. Sick weekend. Sore throat. Coughing. Apartment hunting in pouring rain with a broken umbrella. Wah.

So in the spirit of making myself feel better I've drawn a scared man in a nice suit with a big old book on some stairs scared of something. Because now is not the time to develop creatively. It's time to sink back into my favorite things and wallow for a bit.



Sloth said...

this ones really good, long live pencil and paper ... which i plan to never use again

craig wilson said...

I STILL board exclusively on paper!

Sorry to heaar you're down; it's a good one this year.

Michael Gushulak said...

You're looking for another apartment? But you moved just a little while ago! Didn't you?

keith wilson said...

Pencil and paper seperates the men from the boys!