Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Last 0f 2011 and a first of 2012

Happy new Year! DAMN I've been busy! What with animation and Christmas and everything. Ugh. Fun but... ugh. So not much posting. Here's some sketches I meant to colour but never did, what was going to be my Christmas card that didn't get finished and something I tried in flash and photoshop that was meant to be somewhat Pascal Campion-ish but fell way short. I think the outline on his back is the nail in the coffin. Blog fodder!


craig wilson said...

Happy New Year, you workaholic, you.

I love the looseness & mood of the top posting. Great stuff as always.

Tealin said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the snowy giant one! It's like ... it's a mountain! No, wait, it's ... it's got eyes ... Oh, it's a thing, and it's HUGE! Very cool scale and atmosphere.

Aaron said...

Ya I like the snow shot too. Makes me wanna climb and maybe get a Baileys and coffee at the top for my trouble!