Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wait what? Where'd April go?

Yeah... month without posting! For shaaame! The thing I wanted to post for April got delayed further so... here's some filler. I'm very bummed out by the weather of late and I'm firmly stuck in Pirate Mode. Arr. And having been drawing pirates almost exclusively since February I needed to get out of the rut. So I stole the Klei Sketch sketch club theme. I'd apologize, but... I'm a pirate. Arr.

And yes I've been trying to go to Life drawing again. Not enough hours in the day/days in the week to get there every week though.

EDIT I changed the voodoo lady a bit. Added some more colour and some linework to separate the forms a little better. I've never really got the hang of doing coloured lines and they're... Kinda half there and half not. Too timid I think. Well I'll try again next time.


ShellHawk said...

Tell me about not having time-and where DID April go?! It was just here a second ago!

In addition to my sculpting and throwing, I should be keeping up with my drawing skills, too, but it just never seems to happen!

Oh, well. Maybe next life, we'll be perfect and have this all down pat.

Budi Tanjaya said...

Very nice pics..
come on! view my blog too

craig wilson said...

Your Voodoo lady looks good! You might've left a bit of black in there, but the overall effect's working.

Rainy days make for more creativity!

joe said...

Holy moly, love those life drawings!