Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday NIGHT post

I know I'm surprised as you are that I'm not out drinking rum and commiserating with fellows about how bad Stranger Tides probably is but circumstances prevented sufficient enthusiasm from being generated hence I stayed in, stripped wallpaper out of my stinky steamer trunk and did some drawings. I must say I totally chickened out on the bottle imps. I really wanted to do watercolour paintings of them but I'm a traditional media wussy. I think it's a good rule to never start out with a new (ish) medium with a really specific idea of how you want it to turn out or you'll just end up fighting and fighting and fighting and probably storming away and doing it digitally anyways. Also I should probably try and fix the second imp so that his tail is sticking out through a hole in the cork otherwise why's he still in there when he's so grumpy!

Adding another stab at Dow. Another swing and a miss. He keeps coming out like a Stabbington Brother and then I overwork him to make him not a Stabbington brother. One day, Black Dow, I will draw you properly.


ShellHawk said...

I really love getting a view into your sketchbook! Thanks for posting these.

Sean Covernton said...

Thanks! I'm going to try and keep posting more regularly in the future =)

Shane said...

Your drawings are terribly cool! So much fun looking through your blog - thanks for sharing!
Shane =)

Skid said...

Yes. Add cork.

Aaron said...

love the bottle imps dude. You should get your stones together and do them in watercolor!

Jack said...

Nice concept!
Putting the devils inside the glass.

Keep it up man!