Saturday, January 8, 2011

So this is 2011...

OK, 2011. So far we haven't been getting a long. You're scary. I am getting a negative vibe from you but I'm gonna work with you. We'll get through it and gods damn you we'll enjoy it!

Ahem... anyways in the post this week are mainly doodles. I'm trying to figure out what Sand Dan Glockta looks like. Young Master Gillen had a stab at him too on his blog (He turned me onto the most excellent First Law series) and I would like to refine the design until it looks like the character in my head. I don't think he looks crippled enough. This poor bastard's body is a road map of pain. Also there's that pasty skinny guy. I'm not in love with the drawing but it was more of an attempt to get the idea across. More about him later maybe if I continue the rest of the characters.


Sean said...

Man, your Glokta looks way better than mine.

My version makes him look to old. For some reason, I imagined him with glasses.

I might have to take another crack at those characters. Logen and Ferro especially.

kelly said...

wow dood, your stuff has really spiked in goodness! I mean it was great before but the newer stuff is awesome!