Sunday, November 28, 2010


Well the snow's gone but it was around just long enough for me to get all excited and draw some frost giants and barbarians while listening to the new Blind Guardian album on repeat.


Sloth said...

go yeti go!

me riki vely much

Sean said...

Frosty indeed. When are we gonna resume our adventures?

Somewhere colder I hope. I'm starting to wish we had never been marooned on The Island of Badness and Monsters.

craig wilson said...

Great stuff. Snow scenes seem to be on everyone's minds, funnily enough.

Skid said...

barbarians pretty much rule at life

Sean Covernton said...

Yeah. I hope we get more snow to prompt further drawings of snow monsters and barbarians.

And the adventure will continue... ummm... I... don't know. I'm going to be getting ready to move in January so that'll put a crimp on my time unless everything goes terrifyingly well. Which it won't.