Wednesday, November 10, 2010

About Bloody Time!

Yeah I know. Boring blog. Sorry about that. Hallowe'en, Hallowe'en costume, Hallowe'en magic show, Burlesque hosting duties and Voltron mean I've had very little time for extra curricular activities because of all the... err... other extracurricular activities. Anyways. So here's a big page of some drawings from the last while and some photos of me performing spooky magic, in my Mad Scientist costume (Dr. Aleister Grisbane rises again!) and a promo photo that I had taken for what I'm hoping will materlialize into a show next year.

I have no decent photos of the Satan costume I'm afraid but I refuse to put the damn thing into storage until I get one good shot of it so... hopefully in the next while I'll be able to reclaim my couch. That thing is BIIIIG!

Credit for the promotional photograph goes to my good friend Mark Ingram and the picture of The Doctor was taken by Jeff... I'm afraid I don't know his last name but he's a fine fellow if ever I did meet one.

OH and also here's a little thing I'd like to develop further based on Clockwork Quartet's song "The Doctor's Wife" It needs more colour work to take it out of the straight tonal phase and I keep going back and forth on exactly how graphic I want it to get. Originally it was going to be very flat and shape based like the Watchmaker's Apprentice illustration from some time ago. We'll see if this goes that way or becomes its own thing.

PS I wish it to be known that I did NOT hang the lumpy bumpy cobwebs on the Railway stage.


joe said...

Sean these are terrific! Always nice to see process etc. Thanks for sharing!

craig wilson said...

Man! We SO would've been at the Railway if we knew what was goin' on! Bummer!

I'll be in next week with a Voltron board for you to revise!

keith wilson said...

Holy blog-splosion! Love the painting, nice directed lighting to it.

Sean Covernton said...

Hey thanks guys! Craig I'll keep you posted with news as to upcoming shows. I wouldn't imagine there will be one until February since most of the other magicians are entering their busy season with Christmas Parties filling up their schedules. Always a good time though!

Skid said...

Haha...lumpy bumpy cobwebs.

Those are nice photos of you too!