Thursday, July 1, 2010

Passive Perception Check Fail

OK... so this was a little too ambitious to git 'er done in the time I had so there's a lot that's unfinished but the important stuff is there albeit in a rougher state than I'd like. Tweaking, colouring, colour correcting, finishing the weird little snake thing so it's not just my rough blocking, matching it to the hole etc etc etc. But hey... that little guy was a LOT of fun to animate! Wheee!

EDIT put in some higher res video... which my blog post cuts off for some reason so you'll have to view it on the youtube web page

also youtube apparently cuts off the last few frames. Hmm.


Tealin said...



I want to see it higher-res.


Sean Covernton said...

heh, thanks! I had some last minute export issues right before the deadline I think because of the wide format so when I get that figured out I'll re-upload the video =)

!pap! said...

It's true, he is very funny this small character
Even if it is a little draft this animation remains fluid and well felt
(I éspère that it is understandable)

Sean said...

Oh shit son. Looks like someone (or something) is getting combat advantage.

Amanda said...


And the animation is great!

Sean said...

You were robbed this month. You should have won 11 Second Club.

Sloth said...

nice dude congrats on 3rd although i agree you were robbed