Thursday, June 3, 2010

heightened stress levels = more posts

I got a wonderful nudge the other day which also accounts for more drawings. At exactly the right time I recieved a bookful of inspiration from a remarkably thoughtful person that had the wonderful effect of saying "Look at HOW MUCH FUN THIS IS!" No matter how frustrating a contract is you can always go to bed and draw something that makes you forget about it for a while.

So thanks for the nudge to all the nudgers out there.


Sloth said...

yaay orcs ! i like the hands on the sitting down old guy whose deep in thought they express his deep thoughtfulness about whether or not he should eat that recently maimed gnome.

Sean said...

I wonder if these are the many faces we will see on our adventures this Friday?

Sean Covernton said...

Was going to be but some radical restructuring happened last night and the island got crazier.