Friday, May 4, 2007

devils and cute old men

Been toying around a lot lately... I tried a speed painting of a full colour layout but... I find it really hard to do anything fully rendered when I'm not basically working out of black and selectively highlighting. The two devils, Old Scratch and the eviller looking one were @ work lunchtime marker doodles. I think the straight up black version of the texturey one was better than the colour but... oh well.

And I'm putting up this drawing of a cute old man who hands out papers because he's the most adorable human being I've ever seen. The drawing really doesn't do him justice.


Sloth said...

i know him, we must have the same old man!!!

Tealin said...

You! Stop griping about being unable to draw hands! NOW! You have drawn steepled fingers and drawn them well; there is nothing left to learn. (Well, okay, there's always something left to learn, but steepled fingers ought to be some sort of rite of passage.)

Perhaps the b/w version of the top one was better, but it looks pretty good nonetheless. I like his subtle smirk.

tulanoodle said...

these are totally wicked! I am so jealous of your cool markery goodness.

Alina Chau said...

That devils is wicked!! V cool design!