Thursday, March 29, 2007

More food for The Void

Ok, for real, I'm going to post something new and interesting soon. For now, another shovel of life drawing work. I don't know what this "new interesting" thing will be to be honest... So really that claim back there was a kettle of lies I suppose.


Tealin said...

Haha! You posted the one where she was mooning you ... I felt bad for you on that one as you'd just moved to the other side of the room and then POW, bum shot. You managed to get a good drawing out of it, though. And a number of others as well, particularly the stretchy-leg one and the luxuriant lying-down pose.

Keep stoking the void!

keith wilson said...

I like the bum shots. Pow! like a sack of bricks right in the chin.