Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Life Drawing and Norse Godliness

Hey! A repost because I damn well felt like it and some life drawing to throw out into the void because, again, somehow it makes me feel like I've completed something. Here you go, void! Have some more life drawing!


Tealin said...

I already commented on the Norse gods at Ye Olde Wordpress so I'll leave them be, but hey! Nice life drawing! My particular favourites are the first in the top image and the last two in the second. Nicely offset hip/shoulder lines.

Lalena said...

Wowm Sean... you're life drawing has such force and flow. And on a side note, I'm taking a guess here, but I think tealin is Lauren's sister? I only say that because that avatar looks so much like her. I don't know her real name, I just see her at lifedrawing.

elliana said...

hey sean! remember moi? i just stumbled on your on the internet, and am gonna bookmark this blog of yours.

holy fuck, haven't seen your work in a couple of years, and what a couple of years can do to a person! god damn.

would love to hear about what you're doing these days. it's really quite great to hear about your success. you've earned every little bit of it.

heard you were in town for jillian's social. coolness. we were all together that night at academy coffee house, supporting jamie's band... but we talked about you, and you were in our thoughts.

hope to see you sometime! maybe in the summer?

Sloth said...

hey dude love your life drawing, i'm not sure if its improvement, or you just went for a different approach, but much more anatomical,

Sloth Like

Sloth said...
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Sean Covernton said...

How.... a comment explosion today.
Yes, Sarah is Lauren's sister.... I was giggling to myself @ life drawing the other day because they were drawing in near-perfect synchronization for upwards of 30 seconds. It was actually slightly eerie.

And Elliana! Tx! Means a lot coming from you. You should start up one of these here bloggy dealies. I'm abandoning my old website in favour of this thing. it's awesome.

Sloth, I'm taking a slightly different approach. I'm enjoying myself. Not worrying about what moh's going to say or whether it's peefect and so on. Sarah loaned me a wonderful book that has opened me up to to some fun possibilities.

And what was that deleted comment? I wanna know, dammit!