Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Remember: You are your own worst enemy

I don't draw machines well. At all. So I figured "I'm gonna draw a dirt bike! With reference! BUT I'll also make it an upshot with pushed perspective!" Which was stupid. I hate that I had to cheat and warp the rough drawing to get the perspective I wanted. Cheaty cheaty cheaty! But I'm happy that the drawing came out ok. And it's based on a photo of a friend of mine from Winnipeg so it's fun that it sorta looks like quasi-anime-him. Anyways... here's sort of a dirtbike. Complete eith "engine."
Also here is an alien alligator bounty hunter talking to the chicken from Monkey Island but with rockets.


ShellHawk said...

Because all chickens truly need rockets!

Sean Covernton said...

It's the only way they're ever going to really make a change in their lives.

joy said...

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