Saturday, October 26, 2013



I mostly keep this site for purely art-related stuff but there's a part of my life that discreetly pokes out into this site now and again. Very discreetly. I am a Hallowe'en FANATIC! And me and my good friend Ben Krakowsky, who runs,  are hosting a Hallowe'en party. If you live in Vancouver and love the hell out of Hallowe'en, this is the place to go my friends. We are tired of club night parties with no Monster Mash, 20 dollars in shoppers drug mart tombstones scotch-taped on the walls and no, for lack of a better term, gusto.

We have the gusto. We have cornered the market on gusto.

We will have surprise guests trick or treating at the venue throughout the night! We will have burlesque, highland dancing, magic, comedy, music and the coolest prize give-aways in all of the lower mainland. Want an autographed photograph of Jeffrey Combs? How about one of Udo Kier? A private tour of a horror televsion set? $1031.00 in cash prizes? How about some one-of-a-kind artwork made especially for the event by an artist whose work has appeared in Ripley's Believe it or Not?  And that's not even close to all of the amazing prizes we have for people who go all out for my favorite day of the year.

Remember that feeling you got on Hallowe'en night when you were a kid?

Come to this party and reclaim it!

PS we are thrilled to be hosted by the near-legendary Aleister Crane! That guy's a national treasure!


Shaun Luttin said...

Wow do I ever wish I could have been there. I was busy hiding in a bush terrifying trick-or-treater on Salt Spring. One girl became so scared that she crushed her cupcake.

Sean Covernton said...

Hah! You're doing good work then!