Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ogre Wants Magic Fish

I wanted to draw an ogre and a guy with a katana. So that happened. And I was going to give him a lantern but I thought it was more interesting for it to be a bowl and for the light from that bowl to be cast by magic fish that the warrior has collected for the ogre. I realize this is not a thing you can see clearly in the illustration. Which is why I'm saying. Anyways...

Also I've been LOVING working with pen lately. I'm hitting a groove I haven't in years where drawings are just... working better I suppose. I think it's because I'm letting go of the drawings more freely and not imposing something external on them. Like trying to draw in a certain style or feeling compelled to make the linework a certain way.

Also included is an image from an eerie dream I had where I had rented a room in an enormous mansion where every room was the entire length of the house and there were 3 floors of them. It was profoundly unnerving.

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