Sunday, August 28, 2011

Some Wests

Gillen beat me to the first post. Honestly I don't remember any of Collum West's defining characteristics but I always kind of saw him as the simple-looking farmboy type with a very honest face. The kind of guy who can be everyone's friend because there's no hating someone who's basically a really good person. I figured he always looked at least a little confused or frustrated. And people read that confusion and frustration as meaning "I don't understand the situation." But really it means "I can't believe you DON'T understand the situation.

I'd work more on these and colour them but my damn Cintiq's at work. So no colour for you.


Sean said...

Poor West. He's probably the smartest and most capable officer in the whole Union, but nobody takes him seriously on account of his low birth.

Nice job, by the way. I like how you went for the simple, kinder, farmer look for him. I guess now we wait two more months for Sloth to finish his :P

Sean Covernton said...

yeah no kidding. What a slowpoke.