Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vampires for Valentines

OK... few hours late. And I reserve the right to take this down and fix it when I see it without sleep-bleary eyes tomorrow. But for now here it is. The yearly Vampire Valentines day entry: Check. I was trying something weird with the painting here. I used no lines to define the silhouettes. Even in the first stages beyond a really loose sketch this was all blocked in with shapes and the details worked out through shadow. It was a very different way to have to think. I solved a lot of problems that came up... others never quite got resolved. All in all a lot of fun and an interesting challenge.

And it takes my mind off how much I hate Valentine's Day. Grump.


Sean said...

Man, I love THESE types of vampires. Not the stupid, effeminate ones from Anne Rice or stupid-gay Twilight.

Vampires should be scary monsters. Not brooding and angsty teenagers.

Well done sir.

Skid said...

Looks great!

janis said...

How come this vampire isn't sexy? Not on board. ;)

craig wilson said...

Great stuff; the dropped line stuff really pushes the skin.

shane oakley said...

that is frekking gore-geous!
love the shapes, the no-lines, the comp and those clouds.
a most successful experiment - indeed!