Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bird, Lady, Bird-lady and a guy. And a bunny.

still a-draw'n folks! Project season is nigh so... let the annual Burning of the Fingers with the Gluegun commence!

Will post photos of things of interest as they become interesting and less... cardboardy.


keith wilson said...

I like the old woman, looks like she tried to make something with the old kelvinator!

Aaron said...

I like the octopus gag! All these ladies have me confused, is it for a project or just kicks? Lots of great drawings here man. Hope work's still going well... sure would like to see some of it! Beans.

craig wilson said...

HEY! Welcome back, I assume the trip was great!

I haven't been by in quite a while, great stuff as always. You made me spurt beer with the Octopus on the Head gag!

Sean Covernton said...

No! Not precious, precious beer!

Aaron: it's not part of a project just trying to work on stuff I've been neglecting.

Thanks guys! More to come.