Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fine. No really. I don't want summer. Just stay cold and crappy all month.

I'll just do some more Murderered work. I'm just in the mood today too. Might fire up some Corman dvds and watch my main man Vinnie P do his thing.

Also here's a very strange BG. I wanted to do a painting of somewhere my players will be going in the next few weeks and it turned out accidentally rather Samurai Jackish. Not my intent. I might have another stab at this later.

Also this weekend we had an evening of quickie drawings before we went to the unbelievably awful Prince of Persia. I quite like this quick as heck Conan drawing. I was going to clean it up but I think if I did it would lose what I like about it.


Skid said...

awesome, i love that last one.

haa, vinnie p.

Aaron said...

That is a sweet ass Conan, hard to capture his pure awesomeness but I think you really felt him there. Huh huh felt...