Thursday, February 18, 2010

Last post for a while...

Well here we go folks. Without much of a plan I am firing myself, as though from a mighty cannon, to London, where will spend a good amount of time in museums and a variety of notorious places. I will then travel to Ireland and enjoy some quality time with my good buddy Mike who is kindly providing me with a home base from which I shall go on little adventures about the island. Then onto Granada to enjoy a little warmth before I journey back to good old fashioned Canada.

So before I go here's that pesky animation that got one total redo and I'm (as usual) not completely happy with.
One surprise piece. It's an unfinished test of The Collector. Sort of an initial design. His face will be getting a redo as his eyes don't read at all. Also they're splayed over so many layers they're hard to manage. Hence the test. More to come from this mysterious fellow later!

Until then, faithful readers,
Have a lovely February and March!
Enjoy the Olympics!
And don't burn the damn place down while I'm gone, eh?


DeadSpider said...

Sounds like a fantabulous good time Sean. I am jealous! Have fun, soak in the museums... don't forget about the old graveyards. :)
Can't get your video clips to work, so will check back another time for those.

ToueT said...

Nice stuff. I love how the character moves on the second clip.

Btw, don't miss La Alhambra in Granada and have fun!

Sean Covernton said...

thanks! I wonder if anybody else is having trouble with the video because of whatever codec blogger encodes it with for the embed. Can't do anything about it now but maybe when I get back... in March.

janis said...

have fun sean!! enjoy missing the chaos, it is just plain ridiculous here.

Sean Covernton said...

I do kinda wish I'd been there for the epic win... but between that and walking The Bloody Tower... well curiously I have a soft spot for imprisonment and execution that I do not have for sports and camaraderie.

Aaron said...

Great animation Sean! Hope your travels are going well. Give us a call when you're back.

Skid said...

Have fun buddy!

Sloth said...

have splendid times bring back lots pikchers and a wench or two

G1toons said...

nice, always like checking out your work, its been a while since i came here

j.etienne said...

great movement!