Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Last of the Pitch stuff and some doodles.

Gah! Work! Gah! Projects! GAH! Rehearsals! BLARGH!! SICK! Dammit, December, be less busy.

Hope everybody's having a good December! I'll have one more post this year I think then we can all bury 2009 and move on to 2010.


Steph.F. said...

Oh man, I was right! This *IS* totally chock full of awesome!

So what's the whole pitch process you're talking about? Who do you pitch it to? And... ya know... all the details 'n' stuff.

Sean Covernton said...

Thanks! Well Studio B periodically asks for pitches from the staff. And I figured I'd try again after becoming a little frustrated with the limitations the studio has in terms of subject matter over the last couple years. So rather than look at it as a limitation I decided to look at it as a challenge. How can I take things I think are cool and make it appealing to a studio looking for very specific criteria. I can't help the feeling that I'm diluting something that's REALLY cool into something that's compromisingly cool.

Aaron said...

Sean your stuff is really neat and your magic show makes me happy! Merry Christmas!

elephantmarchblog said...

Cartman the barbarian; AWSOME!!

craig wilson said...

This looks like a LOT of fun! Hopefully with the wacked out craziness coming off of some high end projects (re: Alice) the money'll not be so scared of this kinda thing.

Let me know if you need a professional ballwasher!

Happy Silly Season!