Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A little furious with Myself

OK... so here's the situation. I am WAY stressed out right now. And I took on the 11 seconds with less than 2 weeks to take it more or less from design to "finished." I had to miss a very important meeting today to try and fix some of the plethora of problems with it in the hopes of submitting it. I'm sitting here, it's 9:51 leaving me with a couple hours to get this posted without worry.

Or so I thought until I realized that the midnight submission time is Midnight *EASTERN* time.

So I am posting this god damn animation here. I am not happy with it but this is my way of throwing it violently against the digital wall and going "THERE."


Trent Correy said...

Man that is honestly awesome...I haven't seen them yet..but you probably would have killed it yet again.
I did that last it in at 11:55 though...but in the shittiest quality ever...not even worth watching. Anyways if any good comes from this,thanks for giving some of us a chance to place this month. Your traditional stuff is incredible man...very inspirering to look through. Great design too.
Your 11 sec club two months ago made me want to start it up...I barely finished this months..but thatnks for that inspiration dude...your stuff rocks!
plus hopefully with this new Disney movie coming out...things might go back to the ol' pencil.
Would you be interested in joing a sketchblog?

mayhem said...

Awesome stuff. Makes me nostalgic. Much props...even though its not in the comp, im glad we get to see it here.

elephantmarchblog said...

Ooooh, tough break. That's why you why you cursed it on facebook.

Still, you can make good use of it come disney submission.

Looks awesome at any rate

BJ Crawford said...

Looks fantastic Sean, for what it's worth.

I love the entire feel of the piece. You should feel very proud that you produced something this great, competition or no competition.


craig wilson said...

Folks're correct. Done is done, and this is just another groovy thing in your cannon. Good on ya, great stuff.

(I noticed Trent Correy didn't ask me to join his sketchblog...ya big asskisser.)

Peach said...

This is totally awesome!

Michael Gushulak said...

Nothing to do but chalk this up to experience, methinks. And you can still touch this up as a rainy day project. You can't have too much practice. Hope you're keeping all right these days.

Sean Covernton said...

Hey thanks guys! I'm a lot less cranky now than I was when I posted this initially. Trent Yeah sure I'd love to join the sketch theme blog! Thanks so much for the invite. Now I'm off to Winnipeg. See y'all later.

Steph.F. said...

Not much left to say that hasn't been said already. I'm always in awe of your fantastic animational skills. If i was ever able to animate anything of that quality, I could die happy. Well, providing I'd already met Christian Bale of course. I can't die happy without having met him. But I digress...

Brent Bouchard said...

dude that is bad ass. nice work. who needs 11 second club to get feedback anyway?