Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lousy Smarch Weather

Actually it's quite pleasant today.

I'm battling quadrupeds again. Grr! Horses! BLaargh! Dogs!

And I was so pleasantly surprised by the positive response Murderered got I'm going to do more of them! Mr. Oakley mentioned a booklet would be a good idea. These are so much fun to do I completely agree!


elephantmarchblog said...

I agree with Mr. Oakley. Love the tribal dancer.

Anonymous said...

Dogs eh! got love them...hows Martha speaks?
Yer Murdered has kind of a "Edward Gorey" feel about them, updated of course...nice

Sean Covernton said...

Thanks Will! THat's my loopy Dhalsim from a night when I was tlaking to may about his street fighter redesign challenge

Martha's OK... it does sort of exemplify the kind of animation I don't like to work on though. By it's nature it's a very gentle show and a lot of the movements have to reflect that =P

And thanks! It's so hard to do that sort of quirky black/macabre sort of work because I feel like I'm standing in Gorey's shadow.

shane oakley said...

that mr.oakley talks a lot of sense, well, when he's sober and had a good nights sleep.

lovely drawings, especially the new MURDERED, i think your design/animation aesthetic is what make em stand outside the shadow of GOREY.

save spending your own cash, why not try do a book thru an indy publisher?

janis said...

I am totally with you on the horse and dog hate. Also, love the murdered style.

Skid said...

Hi back at you!

That murder one is awesome, you should make a booklet and sell them! I'll trade you some beer for them? Hehe.