Monday, September 8, 2008

Doing the Negligence Raaaaaaaaag!

OK so here's a bunch of stuff. Lite on the drawings since drawing time has been reserved for animation. (Damn you Edgar!) However! I've got some other goodies.

*Pucca reel removed until I figure out whether I'll get myself in trouble for posting it

Here is a quick one-hour animation of a raven. Just for giggles I wanted to see how flash did at shape-tweening my keys. It was... not nearly as loopy as it could have been. Though it needed some help once or twice. Now flash if only you could shape tween a triangle properly I'd be very happy with you.
Also I'm going to throw this up there. This is the missing page from my online portfolio with some stuff from Class of the Titans. I reboarded a large chunk of this episode and I was gratified to see that some of the sequences turned out pretty well. I especially like Atlanta's line when she's talking to Archie. Here's the episode as well.
Wow! Did you read through this long somewhat uninteresting post? You deserve a cookie! Here! Have my first year live action film from college. Making this movie was all sorts of fun. The sound was added by a very tired me all in one live take at 5:30 in the morning the day the assignment was due. Which explains why it's so awesome. Special thanks go to Jesse Walker for letting me drag him across the cold cold ground. Oh also for ramming his face into the turf for the sake of comedy.


Tealin said...


Good to see that box film again. :)

What's the first image? It's really good. I particularly like the hands.

elephantmarchblog said...

God I missed this short.

I love the top shot.

yums said...

OMG I thought I would never see this film again! Weeoooo! Thanks for the cookie.

ps: did you try using shape hints on your shape tweens? thats the only way I know how to rotate a triangle via shape tween... :P

Skid said...

hahaha i totally forgot about that film!

Sean Covernton said...

Thanks all! I'm glad I finally got around to getting it on youtube. I also jsut noticed that you can't see the sign which says "Man-Eating Box" in the gordon segment. Oh well. I'll fix that in the upcoming 2012 remake starring Bea Aurthur and an entirely CG gregory Peck.

Oh yeah... the top guy is a doodle of Raistlin that I did after seeing that Seamas guy's blog.

Sloth said...

hands in boards are overstretched, please revise

... muahahaha

Sean Covernton said...

hahaha... yeah actually that last panel of Theresa bugs the crap out of me too.

Sean said...

One of the most magnificent achievements in the entire history of motion pictures.

Heh, Raislin. Good ol' Dragonlance. Why is he smiling? Has he assumed the roll of Fistandantilus after traveling back in The Age of Might, or at last acquired the Staff of Magus?

Such a nerd. How do I still remember this crap?

Sean Covernton said...

hahaha! You're very close. I was thinking that those squiggles behind him were a very rough version of the Shoikan Grove at the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas. So the tower has just accepted him as it's new master.

Steph.F. said...

Very few things in life come close to the awesomeness that was your final film.
Your other stuff is really tremendous too! Glad to see new Covernton stuff up! Yippee

Sean said...

Ah, I see. No doubt he's preparing for his trip back in time to bid battle with Takhisis, at least until Tasslehoff and Caramon screw everything up.